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“Take a picture” task

UltronAR's "Take a Picture" task: How your business can benefit from this feature

“Take a picture” task

One of the most useful and practical tools within AR technology is both the platform and the UltronAR app. One of the features of this app is the “take a picture” task. But how specifically can your business benefit from using this task? Let’s analyze.

Retail Industry

In the retail industry, product presentation is key. Using the “Take a Photo” task, brands can ask users to take photos of specific products in stores, i.e. to inspect the product display. This will tell them whether their products are properly displayed, whether they are not obscured by competing products, or whether they are easily accessible to customers. This is incredibly valuable information that allows brands to optimize their sales strategy.

Event Industry


UltronAR’s “Take a Picture” task can play a key role for event organizers. For example, organizers of music festivals, trade shows, conferences or charity events can ask attendees to take photos of various aspects of the event, such as stages, booths, decorations, signage or crowds of attendees. These photos can provide organizers with valuable information about what is working well and what may need improvement. For example, they may notice that signage is not visible enough in certain areas, or that certain booths are too crowded, which can influence decisions about layout and planning for future events.

Restaurant and Hotel Industry

Restaurants, hotels or chain stores can ask users to take photos of specific locations, products or services to monitor quality standards such as cleanliness or customer service. This can help identify problems and respond quickly to any irregularities.

Heritage and Cultural Sector

Cities are full of cultural treasures that need to be nurtured and protected. The “Take a Photo” task in UltronAR allows city offices to involve people in caring for their heritage. Using this feature, citizens and visitors alike walk around the city, taking pictures of the monuments, so the office has a constant overview of the current state of its heritage. The photos provide the office with valuable data that can be used to plan maintenance and restoration efforts.

Competitor Analysis

In today’s competitive business world, information on competitors’ activities is invaluable. With UltronAR’s “Take a Picture” task, companies can send users to competitors’ stores to get pictures of products, promotions or prices. This form of mystery shopping in the digital age allows companies to gain up-to-date market information, analyze competitors’ strategies and adjust accordingly. This allows brands to make quick decisions, respond to changing market conditions and maintain an edge. For example, a clothing brand may notice that competitors are offering promotions on summer clothes and decide to launch a similar offer. A restaurant, on the other hand, may observe unique dishes on another establishment’s menu and introduce new offerings for its customers.

Interactive Contests and Promotional Campaigns

Brands can encourage customers to take photos with their products in creative ways by holding contests and promotional campaigns. For example: “Take a photo with our product in the most original place and win prizes.” By doing so, they not only engage customers, but also gain valuable promotional material.


UltronAR’s “Take a picture” task is not just an entertainment function. It’s a powerful business tool that, if used properly, can bring companies real benefits. No matter what industry you are in, there are many creative ways to use this feature to achieve tangible value for your business.


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