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Augmented Reality

With UltronAR, your customers will get a whole new experience in exploring and discovering the world by combining what is real with what only our devices can see.

Machine Learning

With machine learning, our platform can recognize objects and places, thereby delivering more personalized content to your customers.

Ease of Use

You don't need programming knowledge to use UltronAR. Our NO-CODE platform is intuitive, so you can focus on creating amazing games rather than writing code.

Artificial Intelligence

UltronAR is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of its customers. Our machine learning technology analyzes data and improves the effectiveness of your games based on the obtained information.

Neural Networks

Our specialists are constantly following the latest trends by applying better and better solutions inside the application to optimize battery consumption. Neural networks are used to recognize objects around the user which makes it possible to feed the system with a range of data attractive to business users.

Original Engine

Our product is built on an original, proprietary engine for 2D and 3D object recognition - this gives you confidence that we know our solution inside out. Our company is also open to discussing the implementation of the engine along with the existing base in your solution - contact us!

Real World Map

Stay up to date and get to know your consumer in real time!

How UltronAR can help you


Know your customers

Learn more about your audience's preferences and consumer habits.


Deliver personalized promotions

Use the data you collect to provide your customers with promotions tailored to their preferences , which will increase their engagement and loyalty.


Monitor the effectiveness of your efforts

Analyze data and learn what works and what doesn't. Improve your games and marketing strategies based on this information.

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