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Optimized Marketing Campaigns

With UltronAR, you can plan and monitor the effectiveness of your efforts. Save time and money by forgoing traditional forms of marketing campaigns.

Additional Profit

Create gameplay with player rewards, set an amount for access to gameplay, and earn money by selling your own mobile gameplay!


UltronAR adds an element of gamification to your business, which increases engagement with your brand. Gamification encourages you to compete for valuable rewards, and in turn impacts the efficiency of the data you capture.

Getting to Know Your Customers

By analyzing user behavior in the app, UltronAR helps you get to know your customers better - their preferences, buying habits and interactions with your product. Use this data to deliver personalized offers that increase your audience's engagement and loyalty.


UltronAR promotes sustainability by reducing the need for print ads and paper consumption, and reducing air emissions by encouraging players to walk. Support your social responsibility initiatives and take care of the environment while growing your customer base.

UltronAR - the future of your business

Imagine being able to understand your customers like never before, without a significant financial contribution. With UltronAR, it's possible. Let's take a closer look at how it works:

Less Spending, More Results

Traditional marketing campaigns can consume a significant portion of your budget. UltronAR allows you to innovatively promote your brand in the virtual space, while providing valuable information about customer behavior. It's definitely a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Deeper Understanding of the Customer

With UltronAR, you can collect and analyze data on your customers' behavior - their preferences, buying habits, interactions with your product. This will allow you to tailor your offerings to your customers' needs and expectations, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Start your journey with UltronAR

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