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“Message” Task

Communication without limits: the task "Read the message" in UltronAR

“Message” Task

Communication in the age of digitization

In the digital age, effective communication with customers has become an indispensable part of any company’s business strategy. UltronAR, using the “Read the Message” task, opens up new opportunities for businesses to personalize their message and reach their audience directly. How can you use this tool in different industries? Here are some inspiring examples.

Sales: Personalized Offers

In the retail industry, the “Read the Message” task can be used to deliver personalized offers and discount coupons directly to the customer while shopping. For example, after scanning a product, the customer receives a message with information about a promotion or a recommendation of complementary products, which not only increases the chances of a sale, but also raises the level of personalization of the shopping experience.

Education: Interactive Learning

The education sector can use “Read the Message” as part of interactive lessons, in which students receive additional information or educational materials after completing one task in class. This task can also serve as a modern way to provide homework assignments or feedback on completed work, encouraging students to actively participate in the learning process.

Tourism: Enriched Sightseeing

The tourism industry, using UltronAR’s “Read the Message” task, can enliven tours and sightseeing. Tourists, using the app, at a monument or historic building receive a message with historical trivia or information about available attractions in the area. This innovative approach not only enriches the visitor’s experience, but is also a great tool for promoting local monuments and culture.

Health and Wellness Industry: Personalized Care

In the health and wellness sector, the “Read the Message” task can be used to provide personalized health and wellness advice, reminders for scheduled exercise or meditation. Customers can receive messages tailored to their health plans and lifestyle preferences, which can significantly impact their commitment to taking care of their own health and brand loyalty.


UltronAR’s “Read the Message” task is a great example of how AR technology can be used to create added value for customers in various sectors. Through interactive and engaging communication methods, companies can not only convey important information, but also build positive relationships with customers. Regardless of the industry, personalization and direct contact with the audience is the key to building a strong brand and a loyal audience in today’s digital world.


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