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“Location” Task

Task "Location" - A New Era of Customer Interaction

“Location” Task

In the age of technology and increasingly sophisticated solutions, location has become not only a way to determine where something is, but also a powerful marketing and business tool. The “Location” task in the UltronAR application is a perfect example of this. With it, we can direct the player to a specific location – whether it’s a store, an art gallery or a historical site. In this way, we connect the virtual world with the real world, creating unique experiences for users and offering companies new opportunities for customer interaction.

Here are three practical applications of the “Location” task in different industries:

Cultural Industry: Interactive Tours

Museums, galleries and historical sites can use the “Location” task in UltronAR to transform the way people experience culture and history. By integrating tasks in specific, unique locations, these institutions have the ability to direct players right to their doors, inviting them to explore more deeply what they have to offer. With the help of the app, players can be directed to museums or other well-known locations, where successive tasks guide them through various expositions while educating and entertaining.

Sports Industry: Activation and Promotion

Sports clubs, stadiums or recreational parks can use the “Location” task to engage fans and sports enthusiasts in new experiences. By directing players to specific locations, they can promote not only the sport itself, but also gadget stores, food outlets or venues for various activities. For example, by directing fans to the stadium before a big game, the club could offer special promotions for those who take on the challenges in the app.

Automotive Industry: Testing and Presentation

Car dealerships and vehicle manufacturers can use the “Location” task to attract potential customers to their showrooms or presentation venues for new models. Through virtual missions in the app, customers can be directed to a showroom where a special offer or test drive opportunity awaits them. In this way, automotive brands can build customer relationships and showcase their products in an innovative way.


UltronAR’s “Location” task takes business interactions to the next level, combining the virtual world of games with reality. It’s a modern approach to marketing and promotion that offers companies in various industries the opportunity to reach customers in a unique and engaging way. 

In a world where customer experience is the key to success, UltronAR opens the door to unlimited possibilities.



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