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Copernicon 2023

UltronAR at Copernicon 2023: An unforgettable adventure in the world of AR and fantasy!

Copernicon 2023

UltronAR at Copernicon 2023
From September 15 to 17, the UltronAR team was honored to be part of the magical world of Copernicon, a gaming and fantasy festival that attracts throngs of pop culture enthusiasts to Torun every year. Our team was on site for a full three days, bringing participants unique AR gameplay that allowed them to explore the festival in a whole new light.

UltronAR gameplay: will you take up the challenge?
Our representatives, two energetic girls together with their friendly mascot, Ultron, invited participants to take part in an exciting gameplay. Starting the adventure at the UltronAR stand, located in the building of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, fantasy lovers had the opportunity to play detectives and solve an unusual festival mystery. Multiple-choice questions, photo-taking tasks and quizzes were on offer.

As part of the gameplay, participants had a chance to win attractive prizes. The game lasted from September 15th, 16:00 to September 16th, 20:00, provided not only thrills, but also offered the opportunity to win convention currency, which was presented by the event organizers during the Copernicon Gala. Picking the winners proved to be quite a challenge, as the game ended in a double tie. The organizers decided to award 2 main prizes for taking first place and 2 additional prizes for getting second place.

Catch a Moment with UltronAR Mascot
Of course, there was no shortage of fun with our mascot UltronAR, who became the star of many selfies and photos! We encouraged everyone to take commemorative photos and post them on social media.

Join us on our next adventure!
We’re proud to have added some magic to Copernicon 2023, and what we’re most excited about is the positive feedback! Not only did they enjoy engaging in the competition, but they also shared with us their enjoyment of the app. We are very proud to announce that a great number of people participated in the competition and eagerly accepted the challenge, entering the world of AR technology with UltronAR!


That was just the beginning! UltronAR continues its mission, taking events to the next level with our innovative AR platform. We are extremely grateful to all the participants and organizers of Copernicon for the time we spent together, and we can’t wait to meet again in the world of fantasy!

Are you ready for another UltronAR adventure? Follow us to stay up to date with the latest updates and events!


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