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Scanning Tasks

Object and text scan

Scanning Tasks

How Scanning Tasks Are Revolutionizing the Business Experience

ugmented Reality (AR) technology has significantly impacted how brands communicate with their audiences. In particular, the ability to scan physical elements and interact with them in a virtual space has become crucial. On the UltronAR platform, the “Scan Text” and “Scan Object” features offer companies unique ways to engage audiences, leading to deeper connections and better brand communication with customers.

Scan Text:

Advertising Industry:

When playing a game related to a specific brand, players may be asked to scan the company’s logo. This not only engages players in an interactive experience, but also reinforces brand awareness. In an era where advertisements are ubiquitous, interactive games allow you to stand out from the competition and provide a unique opportunity to interest the audience in your brand in an unconventional way.

Event Industry:

Interactive games add a unique dimension to events. By encouraging attendees to scan event names from promotional materials, organizers can provide an additional layer of engagement, encouraging attendees to interact with event materials for longer periods of time and engage more deeply with the content.

Tourism Industry:

The use of the “Scan the Text” task in the tourism industry can turn a traditional tour into an interactive adventure. Tour operators can encourage tourists to scan the names of monuments or informational plaques describing historical sites. This functionality not only makes it easier for visitors to identify and learn about places.

Scan the Object:

Food Industry:

Using AR technology to promote food products, brands can create games that engage consumers on a whole new level. Scanning a particular brand’s beverage bottle not only engages the player, but also allows brands to stand out on the shelf in the store and build a deeper relationship with the consumer.

Tourism Industry:

In the UltronAR app, the “Scan the Object” challenge can be used to directly interactively connect visitors to the zoo exhibit. Visitors can be challenged to scan a specific animal, such as an elephant, which is equivalent to completing the task and unlocking the next one. In this context, the task does not lead to additional interactions or tasks, but is an educational and engaging element in its own right, encouraging visitors to actively observe and learn about the animals.

Education Industry:

The use of the “Scan an Object” task in the UltronAR app can significantly enhance language learning among the youngest learners. For example, children can be given the task of finding and scanning an object that corresponds to a word in a foreign language. If the word is “apple” in English, students look for an apple in their surroundings and then scan it using the app, which confirms their understanding and memorization of the new vocabulary.


UltronAR’s “Scan Text” and “Scan Object” functions are transforming the way companies communicate with their audiences. They not only provide opportunities to interact, but also to build lasting relationships with customers through interactive and engaging experiences. In a world where technology and innovation are constantly evolving, such tools are key to creating effective and memorable brand communications.


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