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Two-wheeled Challenge: An Interactive Competitive Analysis for Zasada Bikes

Two-wheeled Challenge: An Interactive Competitive Analysis for Zasada Bikes

Creative strategy for collecting competitive data in the bicycle industry using AR technology.

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Today’s bicycle market is saturated and competitive. For companies like Zasada Bikes it has become crucial to know and understand the competitors’ offers in order to maintain a market advantage. Zasada Bikes, with its headquarters in Wielun, is a professional bicycle manufacturer with a wealth of experience. Specializing in high quality bicycle parts, the company strives to provide customers with safe and reliable products. However, the company encountered the problem of needing an in-depth competitive analysis of the availability of specific bike models, their prices and promotions at competing stores.


To meet this challenge, we created an interactive game called “Challenge for Two Wheels”. Participants were encouraged to visit competing stores, identifying the availability of city, trekking and electric bikes, recording their prices and current promotions. The strategy helped combine AR technology with a specific business goal, creating a unique experience for users and providing valuable information for the company.


The 50 participants actively took part in the game, providing valuable data for Zasada Bikes. The information gathered allowed the company to gain deep insights into its competitors’ offerings and adjust its own offerings and pricing strategy. What’s more, thanks to the interactive AR gamification, Zasada Bikes not only gained unprecedented insight into its competitors’ activities, but also successfully increased its customer base and deepened relationships with existing customers. AR technology has proven to be a powerful tool in market research, transforming traditional data collection methods into interactive and engaging experiences.

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