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Edu-EWI: Interactive learning about high schools

Edu-EWI: Interactive learning about high schools

Odkryj ścieżki edukacyjne Wielunia w mobilnym wyzwaniu dla młodych umysłów

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The Challenge:

To increase awareness and interest among high school students in Wieluń in the variety of majors offered by local high schools. To familiarize young people with the peculiarities of the various fields of study and encourage active participation in academic life.

The Solution:

Creation of the “Edu-EWI” mobile field game, in which students, by performing tasks – from math puzzles to thematic quizzes – earn points and discover information about local universities. The game was designed to encourage students to visit campuses through fun activities, interact with current students and faculty, and gain a deeper understanding of the specializations offered. The gameplay was enhanced with a real prize – a bicycle, offered by the Wieluń district office, which further motivated participants to get involved.

The Result:

“Edu-EWI” attracted more than 200 elementary school students, resulting in an increase in interest in the educational paths offered by high schools in Wieluń. Thanks to the interactive form of the game, students gained valuable information about the variety of majors, and high schools recorded an increase in inquiries from potential candidates. The game also built communication bridges between schools, enriching the local community with educational awareness and opening students’ eyes to new opportunities.

Do you want to discover what Wieluń has to offer in education? Download the app and go on an adventure! Explore your passions, get inspired and take on the challenges we have prepared just for you. Start your educational journey today!


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